Friday, December 3, 2010

Accessorize your kitchen

I don't really consider myself an accessory person. I am both baffled and impressed by people who have a bracelet for every outfit, or 20 pairs of black heels, or know how to artfully drape a scarf about their shoulders. But I have to admit I had fun dressing up my new kitchen.

Most of my accessories are actually holdovers from the old kitchen, but I think being in a different kitchen has given them new life:

New cork board from Etsy. The sewing machine was my grandmother's, and we are using it as a telephone table/charging station.

Mason jar soap dispenser

Old glass medicine bottles dug up from the streets of New Haven by my grandfather.

New pot rack holding old copper pans, rendered useless (but still beautiful) by switch to induction

Grandmother's cuckoo clock

Canisters--the off-white ones are from a flea market; the terra cotta ones used to belong to my parents.
On a different topic: we hosted Thanksgiving this year, and were so happy to have my parents, C's parents, and one of C's brothers spend the day with us. Cooking went swimmingly, and I took great advantage of the warming and convection features on my new ovens. Really helped in getting all the side dishes to the table hot and fresh! The turkey, of course, was fried....

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