Saturday, January 15, 2011

And Toto Too?

Yes, and Toto too. But not the dog--the toilet. Last post (sorry it has been so long; I'll fill you in on my insulation/heating saga next time) I mentioned we were expecting a delivery; it was indeed a toilet. A WaterSense, dual-flush Toto Aquia toilet, to be exact.

When C and I went to Italy four years ago, they had these dual-flush toilets everywhere we went, and I thought they were kind of nifty. The idea is that you have a small flush for #1 and a bigger flush for #2 to save water. Sounds logical, right? That's not to say they don't take some getting used to--the water spot is much smaller, and you may have to work on your aim to hit said spot accurately for an optimum flushing experience, if you get my meaning...But if my boys have been able to figure it out, believe me, anyone can.

New toilet in powder room

That button on top is the flush

Little button on left is #1 flush, bug button on right is #2 flush
C installed the toilet in a few hours and found it surprisingly headache-free. The whole experience, from install to actual usage, has in fact been so pleasant we plan on ordering two more for the upstairs bathrooms.

We are continuing our quest to weatherproof the house; this morning we were out buying door sweeps and cans of spray foam and the like. I spent the afternoon placing foam pads inside all the outlet covers and switch plates, some of which were quite breezy indeed. C was working on replacing our few remaining incandescents with CFLs, and will probably be hitting the basement for some projects tomorrow.

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