Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Insulation Day 1: My walls look like swiss cheese!

Greetings and salutations! I know I have taken some time off from writing here, mostly because I felt I had nothing to write about (for example, that rotten porch post? Still not fixed.). But now things are happening again, and in a pretty big, disruptive, yet exciting way.

You may recall my last post about my difficulties getting estimates for our insulation work; well, we ended up going with Brian (and the awesome crew of John, John, and Kyle), and it wasn't just because he was our only option. Based on our meetings with the other companies, I believe we would have picked him anyway---he was the only one who used cellulose instead of fiberglass, for instance; his proposal was thorough and thoughtful;  and really, his upbeat attitude just can't be matched--this is a guy who really seems to love, and take pride in, his work. There's a lot to be said for that.

So yesterday the crew arrived bright and early--and promptly got their trailer stuck trying to get into the driveway. Muddy gravel + heavy trailer loaded with equipment = tow truck giving you some extra help. But things were quickly sorted out and soon the house was a flurry of men in masks and the sounds of hammering and drilling. Because of the issues with our aluminum siding, we are having most of the wall work done from inside the house (except for two spots where small areas of siding will have to be removed and hopefully replaced incident-free). I fear I will never get all the dust off the floors, but it will all be worthwhile if we see results in lower energy bills and increased comfort.

Here is what is inside that heavy trailer:
Bales on cellulose on the left are fed into that blue machine on the right
The hose running out of the blue machine is then fed through the house and put into holes drilled every so often in the exterior walls:
Hose running though second floor window
This room was often the coldest in the winter and hottest in the summer
Here you can see that besides holes regularly spaced in the walls, holes also have to be drilled above and below windows
Bathroom wall---there are even holes drilled in that tiny cupboard far right
The cellulose itself is not itchy. It reminds me of that grey fluff that comes out of padded envelopes (maybe it is?). It appears that it is pretty easy to vacuum up from the floor and rugs, but is pretty difficult to keep off the dog.

While in the attic doing some air sealing work, John found something fun and interesting: part of an old local paper from 1926! I was able to make out an article about a high school dance; a YMCA basketball game; and an article out of Detroit about Henry Ford demanding an investigation into how his private airport was apparently used by an aerial rum running ring bringing booze in from Canada!

Here are a few of my other favorites:
"Moonshine and Dishonesty"
So things haven't changed that much--he's complaining about being "The Fall Guy", and how he has to pay for school outfits, weatherstripping the house, football "togs" for the boys, college expenses, fixing the furnace, etc. The only ones that really date this are "coal bill" and "fur coat for sister." This is a usual fall expense?!?
And my absolute number one favorite article (though the one about Parisian-style bed jackets making breakfast in bed all the nicer is fun too):
It is difficult to read so here is a transcription:

       "Little Miss Rose Marie Roberts, eight months old, claims that she has visited the barber shop more times than any girl her age in the United States.
       That is, Rose Marie doesn't loudly assert it herself but her mother, Mrs. Harvey Roberts, local citizen, has so stated. The baby has had her hair bobbed five times to date.
       She was named after the well-known music show, and her parents hope she will become a famous singer.
       This "hair bobbing championship" announcement is not an advance publicity stunt, her parents declared. (emphasis mine)

Say whaaaat? All I could think of when I read this was the episode of  Designing Women where Suzanne tried to put a wig on Charlene's baby. Again, seems like things haven't changed all that much in 90 years!

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  1. It's a holy house! (sorry.) Hair bobbed 5 times, indeed!


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