Thursday, May 19, 2011

Geothermal/Insulation Update

Wow, it has been a while! Work has progressed the past few weeks, albeit in fits and starts. Holes have been cut in ceilings, ductwork hooked up, wells drilled, insulation blown on the attic floor....Here are some photos:

Creative ducting in the basement

Duct through dining room closet--and we will still have some storage!

Radon system had to be shifted over to make room

Second floor guest room closet, heading up to the attic

Well driller--this is well #1 of 5. Well #5 was difficult--first attempt now has a $2000 drill bit buried at the bottom! Try #2 was fortunately successful.

It's messy work, though the birds have been enjoying our new mud pit.

Feeding in the pipe

Ceiling vent in master bathroom

All the wells are finished and have flexible tubes sticking out of them.

Digging the trench towards the house

The trench, almost to the basement

Attic--the pink is thick insulating foam board, the silver is a duct, and the fluff is cellulose.

A sea of cellulose

Our storage area at the top of the attic stairs

New cover for the attic hatch keeping us cozy!
Today the new electric water heater and the desuperheater tank are going in; the unit itself should be here and installed tomorrow or Monday. I'll try to post more photos/news soon!


  1. Wow! Great progress! How is the dog handling the activity in HIS backyard? LOL

  2. Actually he doesn't have to worry--the digging was by the driveway! HIS yard is still in one piece.


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