Thursday, October 17, 2013

More demolition!

They're really moving on the master bathroom demolition! With all the walls down, you can really see how big the room is. We did run into a potential problem, though.

bathtub still in place, buckets covering where toilet used to be

steam shower will go where tub is now, door is to hallway

new built-in closet where toilet is now stored, pocket door will be installed where plastic sheeting hangs between bathroom and bedroom
where storage cabinet used to be

window in what used to be the WC

chimney that is the source of our problem (storage cabinet space on left, WC window on right)
This chimney has been hidden behind a wall. We wanted to expose it as we did in our kitchen. It is a nice decorative element and removing the built out wall gives us more space. However, we thought the chimney was situated closer to the window. The original plan was to build the new WC wall with the chimney visible from both the WC and the main bathroom. The double sink vanity would have extended from the side of the chimney along where the storage cabinet used to be (though leaving about 18-24" for a smaller storage closet next to the front window).

Now that the chimney is more centered in the room, it really shoves the double vanity right up to the window and makes the room look lopsided. Putting one single vanity on either side will not work because of the window shown above--there is not enough room. So our only option at this point is to make room by replacing the current window with a much smaller window (which will still be in the WC) and gain more wall space on that side of the chimney. Then we can put a sink on either side.

It will be more complicated since it involves work on the exterior of the house, but I think it will be worth it in the end. We are still thinking about other options, and may very well come up with something else that works. As usual, you never know what will happen with an old house!

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