Thursday, July 25, 2013

Boys Bathroom update

So we didn't hit our goal of having the boys' bathroom finished, or at least in working order, by the time they returned from camp. But progress has been made, and so far we are all surviving just fine using one toilet---we're just cleaning it more!

My apologies in advance for the photos. the bathroom is hard to photograph as it is not all that large and some of the corners have stuff in them so I can't get to a good distance for broad shots. It will give you a general idea, though.

The floor---the previous floor was kind of similar, though the pattern was larger and the black diamonds were light blue. Grout will be a medium to dark gray.

The walls--tiling not finished, there will be a row of black subways on top of that vertical row of white. Grout will be a very light grey.

New tub and new walls, bye bye plaid wallpaper!

This area where the bucket is will be storage--in the past it was a cupboard but very deep large and mostly unusable/impossible to keep organized. Now we are thinking open pullout shelving to take advantage of the depth and make the space more utilitarian.

The front of the tub will also have the white subways, as will the shower walls.
As for the powder room, it is even more difficult to take a good picture, due to size and the fact that the walls and ceiling have been primed and so the whole place is just white. No floor there as of yet due to a mistake in tile delivery, but the correct tile should be in by the end of the week.

Thanks for reading!

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