Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tile, tile, and more tile

Sorry so long since the last update. I took these pictures about a week ago, so more has been accomplished since then, but this will give a pretty good representation of where we are in the process. Things are moving along, and should be at a faster clip now that most of our supplies are finally here, and also since 95% of the tile work on the PR and the BB is complete. There is still grouting to be done, but I think the hard part is past us.

Floor of powder room--the tile came in a black and white every other pattern, but it was too much for me so I came up with this with some help from the guys. I wanted to make it easy so they just had to pop out some black tiles and replace with white ones as opposed to moving black ones AND white ones all over the place.

This is the new sink, though not in its final position.

Boys bath, more tiling completed including the black tile base. The toilet works!

Inside of tub shower

Opposite wall of tub

I really like that we tiled the front of the tub! The top where it is now dark gray will have the same black tile used vertically on the wall.

Hopefully I will have more news this weekend. Please have a safe and happy Labor Day!

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