Friday, August 13, 2010

Colors revealed! Yay.

Sorry to get so ranty last time. I was up too late and got a little loopy. Today I'm tired and a tad cranky; been trying a new workout schedule this week and today I'm really feeling it. Better, but sore and sleepy. Just have to stick with it. Meh.

Back to cabinets....So Kevin sent us a lot of different samples in a lot of different shades. He uses milk paint, and plays around with different mixes to come up with unique colors for each client. We had already decided on incorporating some green into the kitchen, now we just had to choose another complimentary color. Red? Yellow? Gray?

Here is the green we liked best:

Bad pic, but you kind of get the idea.

And then we decided on this to go with it:

Calming grey blue, adds a little lightness.

The other cabinets will be a close match to this:
Ugh, colors translate horribly when you're a bad photog, don't they?
This is how they will be dispersed around the room:
These were the closest crayon colors I could find.
The uppers are blue if it isn't showing well.
Green fridge, blue snack station.
Pantry between glass sunroom doors.
We tried to spread the color out around the room, and I also tried to put blue or green on items that are  going to be used often by the kids (fridge, pantry, snack station--anywhere there is food!). I also thought the hood might be better with something other than off-white for splatter purposes. So what happened? Everything other than the base cabinets is now blue or green!

Also should show you the wall color; this is actually one color over from the Ivory Tusk on the color strip:
Not as dark in real life as it looks in this pic.
You'll notice, contrary to my last post about neutrals, that of course I have them in the room. Even Katy Perry doesn't wear that blue wig all the time. We just put them on the floor and on the walls instead of on the cabinets. I suppose I could even count the countertops as neutral, being a gray/black, but with all the white/blue/green veining we're hoping to get, I may have to backtrack on that one.

So have we gone off our rockers? Headed over to the dark side? Earned the wrath of home buyers everywhere? Maybe Julia Child will haunt us now and make us some ghostly coq au vin...take a look at her kitchen:
Source: The Kitchen Designer Julia had blue and green too!
She'll feel right at home! ;-)

Next post--backsplash!

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  1. M: can I put up peg board to hang the pots like Julia did?, L, C


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