Sunday, August 29, 2010

Schedules and To-Do Lists

Having read so much about kitchen renovations (the good and the horrific), I knew going into this that we would most likely have some hiccups along the way. So when our start date was delayed one week, and then another week, I was fine with it, especially since it meant two more weeks with a working kitchen. Much worse to have a delay after the kitchen has been ripped out, which I know is certainly still a possibility, since our home is so old. The kids are hoping we find some buried treasure in the walls or floors, but C and I are just hoping the plumbing and wiring and structure is all in good shape and up to code. That would be a treasure to us!

This past week has been about scheduling, and coordinating all the different people who will make this kitchen a reality. First date to set is cabinet delivery, currently September 20; then soapstone templating, set for the 23rd so our GC Greg has time to install the cabinetry. The appliances (at least the cooktop) need to be on site for the templating, so they will come Wednesday the 22nd. It all seems so fast! Of course, all these dates are dependent on the first 13 days (really 9 if you don't count weekends) going as planned with no surprise roadblocks. It is that templating date that worries me the most, as they schedule about 3-4 weeks out; cabinets and appliances can be stored if need be, but if we are off by just a day or two, a new templating date could be quite a delay in finishing. So fingers crossed for smooth sailing!

This next week will be all about packing and setting up our new temporary kitchens in the sunroom and dining room. I have to box up everything not used on a day-to-day basis, and there will probably be a box of things we never use to be donated, too. Then I have to organize all the items I think we will use or need during the remodel, including food, utensils, some mugs and dishware, and small appliances. I think we will use the toaster oven, microwave, crockpot, and most definitely the coffeemaker. Many have recommended keeping out a few wineglasses and a corkscrew! We will probably use paper products to cut down on washing dishes; while we do have the sink in the laundry room, we will lose it for at least a few days while the floor is being ripped out and retiled (as well as losing the washer/dryer--I will just tell the boys they have to be extra clean that week).

We will move our current refrigerator, which will go into the laundry room after the renovation,  into the sunroom. It can't be hooked up for ice or water out there, so we will have to buy ice and also purchase gallons of spring water at the store. We are on a well and usually have RO filtered water for drinking and cooking; we'll lose that until the kitchen is completed. Unfortunately, I expect we won't be eating our healthiest during this adventure; a lot of dining out, ordering in, and convenience foods (read: junk) are no doubt in our future. I'll try to keep the fridge stocked with yogurt and fruit so at least that will be an available healthy option.

Once the kitchen is empty, we'll probably all take a turn with the sledgehammer; GC Greg said whatever we get done on demolition is one less thing he and his crew have to do, and hopefully gets us moving along faster. I don't know how much we will honestly accomplish, but if we make any real progress I will certainly post some pictures!

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