Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kitchen inspiration

When we decided to remodel the kitchen, I immediately started looking at pictures. I bought books and magazines and scoured the internet, folding down pages and bookmarking sites with images I liked. After a while, I realized a pattern was emerging in those pictures I loved best. Certain elements drew me in time after time, and while not all of these ended up in our final kitchen design, I still find them lovely!

Painted cabinetry

Stained wood can be beautiful, but perhaps because our kitchen loses the sun for hours a day and can feel dark at times, I was drawn to light and bright kitchens with painted cabinets; classic white and cream at first, but then even to other colors like blues, yellows and greens. There's an element of fun and happiness, don;t you think?

Source: Channel4. Pretty soft green!

Source Channel 4. Lovely blue and white!

Inset doors/Recessed panel/Shaker style

If you had asked me a year ago what an inset door is, I would have thought you were speaking a foreign language. Now I know an inset door is one that sits within a face frame; it helps give a look of old furniture and suits period kitchens quite well. I also gravitated quickly to a simple recessed panel door, commonly called Shaker, though I'm not quite sure why.

Source Period House Magazine. Cornish Cream--yum!


I love copper (mostly in an aged, non-hammered form);  I think it's a beautiful accent that adds warmth to its surroundings . Kitchens with copper pots hanging, or a big farm sink, or even a countertop or backsplash always catch my eye.

Source How'd you like to cook on this?

Farm sinks

Don't get me started on two-bowl sinks; maybe I don't know how to use them to maximum efficiency, but I hate not being able to fit a large pan or cookie sheet in the sink without it sticking up at odd angles. Those big, one bowl farm sinks have been calling to me for years. I think I will answer now.

Source Pink Wallpaper. Just lovely!

Soapstone/Marble Countertops

A year ago, I had never heard of soapstone. My original thought was to use a beautiful  rich brown quartz for my countertops, but when I read about soapstone, I was hooked. It can be a quiet grey, or a dramatically veined black and white; it takes heat; resists stains; and again, suits period homes. Yes, it can scratch, but that just makes it looks like it has been there a while. Marble--well, I love the look. So classic, if not the most practical choice, especially if you have kids who spill grape juice a lot...

Source Kitchen Design Notes. Awesome veining!

Source Auction Girl Vintage. Check out that sink!

Hey, where did the appliances go?

Some people think appliances should be appliances, and are all in your face about it. I understand I can't hide my ovens or cooktop, but the dishwasher and fridge? Hide and go seek! I like the look of panelled appliances, and plus I think it will also add fun to mealtimes, turning food preparation and cleanup into a fun scavenger hunt.

Source Yale Appliance. Hello, where might the milk be?

I think that covers most of our major inspirations and starting points for our new kitchen. I guess it just proves the heart knows what it likes. And just as we love it, YOU may be barely holding down your dinner. That's a-okay---follow your own bliss!


  1. The People want to see some plans!

  2. Not sure how to do that---everything's on old-fashioned paper and I haven't a scanner at the moment...I'll see if I can get them emailed!


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