Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Close, but no cigar

I know it's been a few days since I've posted, but we are at a point now where the big stuff isn't happening so much and the lots of little things that are happening aren't very exciting to look at (yay! quarter round!). I used my oven again tonight, and yesterday I made pasta on the new induction cooktop. Everything went well--I did have to play with the controls a bit once the pasta was in the boiling water, but it cooked quickly and no boil overs. Also tried out the new vent/hood; it sucked the steam out well and miracle of miracles, my cabinets didn't look like they were sweating.

Today the crew was hoping to be finished, but alas it was not to be. I think tomorrow will have them 99.8% done; all they have left is a little bit of paint touch up, trim around the windows inside and out, crown molding for the snack station,a vent cover,  and thresholds for all four doorways. The .2 % that will necessitate a return trip? New oil rubbed bronze sash locks and cranks for the casement windows, and finishing up with the fridge panels, one of which needs to be remade and will arrive Monday with Kevin. Kevin will be spending Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning finishing up his detail work---paint touch-ups, sticky doors, installing some knobs and shelves and soft-close mechanisms and the like. So hopefully by Tuesday afternoon, we will be completely finished!

Now on to something momentous that did happen today---the top of the snack station arrived, and it is big and beautiful! C is in love with the copper panels:
Pocket door on left is where microwave will go, pocket door on right will be installed later

Door up, waiting for microwave

Wooden cover for trash hole

I think we are going to put up of those touch lights on the ceiling of the trash chute cubby, as it is pretty dark and difficult to see where to butter your waffle. We are also thinking about putting a toaster in there for said waffles, bagels, etc---with their own fridge/freezer drawers too, the kids should be all set for breakfasts and snacks!

Not as pretty to look at but certainly important--the insulation was put up in the basement today and now our radiant floor heat should be ready for a trial run. Today was too warm, but this weekend we are expecting highs in only the low 50s, so I'm sure C will be wanting to crank that baby up!


  1. It's true; I'm loving that copper!!!

  2. honeychurch you know i love your kitchen...i had no idea you had a blog with posts on it!


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