Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Check this out!

Sorry it's been a few days; lots happening with the kitchen and poor Mr. R is out with a stomach bug too. But I have a lot of pictures for you, and you'll see we have made a ton of progress over the past few days. We almost have a real kitchen again!

For those of you just dying to know about the outcome of  "Wall or Ceiling 2010", I had them paint it the color of the ceiling, lived with it for a day, and then painted it the color of the wall. I'm glad I did so, and even C agrees that it does look good. In the end, I don't think we could have gone wrong either way, and with the cabinets up it is really barely noticeable anyway!

The first way we had it painted--looked funny to me.

How I repainted it.
 Cabinets were delivered on Friday morning, and it was so exciting to see them in person! The colors are just beautiful, and I must say I love me some full-extension/soft-close drawers and doors. We also have some crazy cool blind corner pullouts, so no more sending Mr. R into the caves to retrieve lost storage lids.

Pull-out trays inside the blind corners.
We did have one little adjustment that entails a cabinet being remade, but it will be fixed on Monday and as of tonight our countertop templating is still on for Thursday morning. Unfortunately our new windows aren't here yet, which may cause a problem in measuring for the stone window sills; hopefully it won't be an issue as the window sizes are not changing.

Sink wall with space for the dishwasher. Drawer fronts on the right will be delivered soon.

Hood is not yet up (waiting for backsplash first). Look at all my lovely drawers!

Oven cabinet and cooktop cabinet. Loving that blue next to the chimney!

The pantry--top has adjustable shelves, the bottom has two rollouts.

This is the cabinet that needs to be replaced---you can see on the right it is too short.

Sorry about the ladders-- this is the fridge enclosure.
Bottom of the snack station; refrigerator/freezer drawers go in the middle. The top half will be delivered soon.
I know some people recommend organizing your new kitchen while you are planning it, so everything has a place and there is a place for everything, but I had trouble visualizing like that. So now that I am finally able to see the cabinets and play around with them, I am trying to decide what should go where. For example, the blue wall cabinets are so huge, we already know that things we rarely use should go on the top shelves of those. (I'm looking for a folding step stool already.) I'm sure figuring out the rest will be trial and error. While there were many things we disliked about how things were arranged in the old kitchen, we did get used to it. So we have a whole new, and hopefully better, learning curve ahead.

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