Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little details and, massive hoods

Ugh. Still fighting this cough/throat thing, as are the crew--today Gordon was here alone all morning because Butch was home recuperating. Reinforcements did arrive in the afternoon, however, and much progress was made.

Yesterday was all about the dishwasher and the decorative furniture-style toekick trim. This trim had to be completely reworked and remeasured by Kevin back when we discovered the floor was still off by 2" on two walls, but as you can see you'd never really know what a pain this all was without me telling you! The dishwasher looks terrific with its integrated panel, and I'm sure will confuse visitors to our home for many delightful years to come:

Dishwasher? What dishwasher? I don't see a dishwasher in this kitchen....

Oh look---there it is! Tricksy dishwasher!
C may have some adjusting to do with all these panelled appliances, as he has told me before he doesn't like things that pretend to be something else. For example,  one large plain panel on the dishwasher that just looks like a door would not bug him, but this one is pretending to be not only a cabinet with a door, but also a drawer. Just letting you know up front, sweets, this "issue" will not get you out of some dishwasher duty, 'kay?

Toekick trim on cooktop run

Trim on sink run--by the way, cabinet on other side of sink is trash pullout

Little trim next to fridge
 Today Gordon and his new assistants got to work on the copper backsplash and the hood cabinets. Sorry the copper does not translate too well in these photos, I couldn't get rid of the glare. I did not realize until these cabinets went up just how big they really are; I have never owned a home with a real vent before (just over-the-range microwaves or built-in downdraft systems) so I don't think I had a good idea of what it be like to have one hanging off the wall. And this is not a large vent by any means, just 30"; I had originally been planning for 36", and I know people who have ones as wide as 42"! I think it is because the new cabinets are so deep that I feel such a big change. The old kitchen had cabinets over the cooktop, but they were shallow skinny things. These feel like they are reaching out to hug me (I choose to think positively in this regard):

See? Big, right? Look how teeny my window looks by comparison.

Another view. The center cabinet will hold the vent, but the two side cabinets are usable.
Frankly, as long as this thing sucks bacon smells and pasta water steam out of my house, it will be awesome---and I'm sure we will all quickly get used to cooking in a cocoon of cabinet love.

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