Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Soapstone Has Landed

What a day. Our countertops and sink arrived today and they were more impressive and gorgeous than we dared to hope. Scott and Doug at Bucks County Soapstone treated us very well, paying attention to the kind of slabs we wanted and then laying it all out to show off the best parts. Installation was amazingly smooth and just beautiful--you have to really stare to find a seam. There isn't much more to say---I'll just let the pictures do the talking!

On the truck
Our stone and sink

Smoothing and buffing
Unoiled snack station--see the trash hole in back right corner

Oiled snack station--oiling really brings out the veins!

Unoiled section by fridge

Same section, oiled

Unoiled by cooktop

Oiled, with cooktop in place

Unoiled drainboard and runnels

Same as above, oiled

Sink with drainboards, unoiled

Interior of oiled sink, check out those flecks of pyrite!

With 2" backsplash--we even got a little copper color by the window

Awesome green and white vein

Looks like a little piece of sea glass got trapped in our counter

Whole kitchen slathered in oil
So happy to have counters again! I know I will probably be babying them for a while, but I also know they will get their first ding or scratch before I can say Boo! We're okay with that---we use our kitchen, make stuff, bake stuff, drop stuff....I'm sure it will look completely broken in in no time.


  1. The veining in your soapstone is spectacular! Be honest, how many times have you fondled your counters already?

  2. Beautiful!! Lucky you!! I am trying to figure out what kind of countertops to put in my new kitchen. I think that I want soapstone and I have read tons about it on the internet. My general contractor is pushing granite. Your pictures showing the counters unoiled and oiled were very illustrative of how different soapstone can look. Appreciate your effort. Enjoy your gorgeous kitchen!!


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