Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 1--Like A Kiddie Rollercoaster!

Day 1 went very smoothly at the house; the crew had the rest of the cabinets and appliances out in a flash. Then they tackled the floor, ripping up tiles with Hulk strength and speed. But outside the kitchen, two hiccups threatened to throw wrenches into our best laid plans...

After having placed an order for my caramel accent hex tiles over the weekend, I found an email in my inbox this morning stating that my order had been cancelled as the tiles were out of stock. A quick strategizing phone conference with C yielded a new hex plan and a new hex design---as I don't have a sample of the new accent tile, you'll just have to wait to see photos when it is installed. Now, I know you're all waiting on tenterhooks, but you'll have to be patient...

That minor crisis averted, I turned my attention to The Case of the Missing Copper Backsplash. You see, it was supposed to have been delivered on Friday, and in fact the door panels arrived at Kevin's cabinet shop as scheduled. But nothing for me....hmmm, where could it be? A phone call from Mr. T cleared up the matter, but not in a very positive manner: the package had been somehow damaged in transit and was being returned to home base in North Carolina! Mr. T was sincerely apologetic, though it was not his fault; he is quite curious to see the damage, as he mounted the copper on plywood before wrapping it and boxing it up for shipping. What might the drivers at You-Pea-Ess been doing with our poor, innocent piece of metal?

No worries--if the original backsplash is, in fact, deemed to be undamaged, it will be reshipped; if it is wounded, a new piece will be fired and sent off ASAP.

All in all, very mild bumps. No loop-di-loops, and thankfully no vomiting.


Holes in the walls!
Like a patchwork quilt.
Our reverse osmosis drinking faucet is still hooked up and working--it's that white tube under the window.
Faithful hound on the newly uncovered plywood subfloor.
We also got some potentially good news about the dropped ceiling. There is a possibility it can be raised, if not entirely, then at least higher than it is now. I'll keep you posted!

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