Thursday, September 30, 2010

Primed and ready!

A big high five today---we are actually slightly ahead of schedule on the painting! C and I thought we would have to tackle the entire job over the weekend, but today the guys were ready to start! I believe we will most likely still have homework (as they used to say on Trading Spaces)---probably trim work, and also work in the laundry room, as it is not as high a priority as the kitchen walls which need to be ready for Monday.

Cabinets were due today, but anyone on the East Coast can tell you it was not a good day for driving or loading/unloading fine cabinetry; we had major rain for most of the day. So Kevin will be here tomorrow morning instead. Appliances were delivered yesterday, but left in boxes so as not to get dirty or have squirrels nesting in them. We are all stunned at the height of the fridge, having never owned a built-in or counter-depth model before. Lucky for the kids they will have their own fridge drawer and won't need assistance to reach their juice boxes. :-)

We are still waiting on our new windows, which need to go in before templating as we are having window sills made; our backsplash (3rd time's the charm?); and the return of the heating crew to finish the radiant heat under the rest of the floor. But everything is really coming together now!

Photos of today's progress:

Looks more like a real room with the walls primed!

The ceiling tilt is not so noticeable when everything is white.

The chimney has been cleaned and prepped for a matte sealant.

Still some work to be done in here!
I'm sure I will have another post tomorrow--maybe a peek at cabinets?

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