Monday, September 27, 2010

Question: Is this part of the wall or the ceiling?

I know, I know, I said I wouldn't be writing again so soon, but we have a question and we'd like your opinions. C and I bought most of our paint today in preparation for the weekend (forgot the ceiling paint, oops), and when we got home I realized I didn't know what we were doing with the new slant over the sink.
New slanty part.

So is this part of the wall, or part of the ceiling? Do we paint it with the white ceiling paint, or the BM Powell Buff wall color?

I can see arguments for both. It is ceiling because it breaks from the flat sink wall, and also because it will have a pendant hanging from it.
Ceiling, right?
But you could also make a case for wall, because if you follow the ceiling height around the rest of the room, it hits at the TOP of the slanty part, as shown below:
Ah, so it's wall?

I'm so confused!
If we paint the slanty part the color of the ceiling, it will make the sink wall look very short in comparison to the other walls in the room....if we paint it wall color we will retain the feeling of height/tall walls, but it also may be difficult to get a good straight line across the top of the ceiling where slant and ceiling meet. Not that anything in this room is really straight, but we'd want it to look good.

I suppose another possibility is to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls, but I think that would be too dark.

So what do you say--should it be white like the ceiling or Buff like the walls?


  1. Buff like the walls to maintain the height. Two options for painting --- careful application of blue tape will give a good line...OR, opt for a pro! It's in a very obvious place. You'll be looking at it daily. You'll want it to look great, IMO. :-)

  2. That's was my first instinct, but everybody else I have asked (C, the crew, people on GW kitchen forum) have all overwhelmingly said it is the ceiling, so paint it as such!

    I think we could maybe do it half anf half, see which we like best? Or paint it like the ceiling, and if we don't like it, change it (I think the white ceiling paint will be easier to change than the tan wall paint).

  3. I would call it a ceiling if it were in one of my projects. If it looks strange, then just paint it the wall color.

  4. It's clear that it's ceiling, there's nothing more to be said...


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