Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Update

So a lot going on the past couple of days. My parents came to visit this weekend, and it was a welcome respite from kitchen drama. Thankfully, said drama was nothing that couldn't be fixed (and it was all remedied very quickly), but it does seem like something crazy or game-changing happens almost every day during this experience.

So far we are still on schedule with our cabinet/appliance delivery date (they can be stored in the barn until we are ready for them), but templating is a question mark, as a lot will depend on how quickly the new floor tile goes in. We planned on two days, but J the floor man suspects it may take longer; while our floor is certainly more level than it was, it is still quite wonky. If the floor doesn't get done in two days, it is unlikely the walls and ceiling will be ready for painting by next weekend, which means they can't be painted until the following week, and the cabinets won't be installed in time for our templating date. It's like a stack of dominoes, projected dates falling one by one!

Here are some progress pictures:

We have a floor again over the heating system.
New lights on the new ceiling.
And they work!
Matching old floor with new--and a lot more level.
Something silly I wanted--outlets low and horizontal, less in your face.
More new outlets--on the left you can see the light switch at normal height, outlet separate and low.

Here you can see some of the new drywall and more ceiling work.
Another ceiling shot with the new can lights.
We will have to add trim around this door so it isn't flush with the new wall; this way the trim will pop out and match the other doors
Cement board laid in preparation for tile; view is into the laundry room.
More cement board; the pieces by the sink window had to be hand nailed so as not to puncture the heating tubes below.
Old stove pipe hole in the chimney--it will be cleaned out, but needs a cover...
A traditional tin flue cover, painted by me. But what will go in the center? Hmm, stay tuned!
If you are still with me, I apologize for being so long. I will try to write more frequently and with shorter posts. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some tile pictures for you!

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