Saturday, September 25, 2010

We have walls!

On Friday the floor was finished--they came, they grouted, they papered. Our entire floor is now covered with heavy duty pink paper to protect it from all that is left to be done. The only place we can still see the tile is right in front of the laundry sink---that's right, not only did I get my washer and dryer back, I got the sink back too! It is so nice not to have to do dishes outside with the hose or upstairs in the bathtub. Of course, next Friday we'll have to disconnect everything AGAIN so we can paint, but for now, I am wading through 10 loads of laundry. Five down, five to go!

The crew spent all day Friday putting up the rest of the walls and ceiling. They even got a little start on the taping and spackling, but there are a ton of seams, and I fully expect them to be finishing these walls for the next week. It looks like C and I will be putting on our painting clothes starting Friday afternoon; no doubt we will be working on this all of next weekend.

We have to: prime and paint the ceiling; prime and paint the kitchen and laundry walls; prime and paint the trim and shelves in kitchen and laundry. I think if we get the ceiling and walls done by Monday the 4th we'll be good; if we can get by with one coat on everything, I think we'll finish it all. I enjoy painting; just give me 10 rolls of blue tape and I'm good to go!

New pictures:
The new high ceiling is so nice, they just had to slant it a little over the sink.

Doin' dishes and laundry!

The taping and spackling has begun.

Since I don't expect too much to change over the course of the next six days (how many pictures of drywall can I take/you stand to look at?), I'll probably only post once or twice this week. If you don't hear from me, it's a good thing---all quiet on the construction front....


  1. Are you still excited at this point? :)

  2. Yes, mostly! And thank you again so much with your help on my floors!


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