Monday, September 20, 2010

Good progress, but some worries...

Good news first---a lot of work was done today. Gordon and Butch were here hanging walls, and the floor guys got some tile started too. The show is being turned over to them for the next 2-3 days as they get the whole floor down and finished. I'm a little worried about being without my washing machine, possibly until Friday (I haven't had it since last Thursday!); but if the kids have to start wearing winter clothes and borrowing each other's underwear and socks (clean, of course!), so be it.

What has us worried, besides a potential underwear shortage? When the walls were hung, it made the continued wonkiness of our "charming" old floor glaringly obvious. It appears to be about a 2" difference in slope both near the chimney and the dining room. As our cabinets are supposed to have an arch in the toe kick area, cutting off the bottoms of the cabinets--scribing, I believe it is called--is not a great option. Any sloping cuts will be extremely noticeable in uneven arches and missing feet. We have sent an SOS to all concerned to try and come up with a better solution to the problem than A) ripping out all of our current progress down to bare joists and starting completely from scratch or B) hacking up the bottoms of our beautiful handmade custom cabinets. There has to be a better way! :-(

On to the photos:
Cooktop wall.
Sink and dining room wall.
Lots of new insulation, plus where my pendant will hang over the sink.
Worrisome stuff:
Cooktop wall corner....
Cooktop wall by chimney!  :-o
Sink wall in corner...
Sink wall by dining room! :-{
I'll leave you on a positive note; the floor, I must say, looks better than we ever hoped, and we are very very happy with it!
No grout yet, but looking good!
Love these colors!
Oh, almost forgot---we pushed back templating yet again, as the floor is taking longer than we thought it would (due to said wonkiness), and there are many many other things to be done before templating can occur. We are now set for 10/7, with installation on 10/14. Hopefully this is our ultra-final-ultimate-super-awesome-unchangeable-date....or not. Fingers crossed!

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